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Episode 59

Cold Water Paddling – with Professor Mike Tipton MBE

In this episode, the University of Portsmouth's Professor Mike Tipton, a world leader in extreme environmental physiology talks about the effects of cold water and its positive and negative implications for paddlers and water users.

As Mike explains, the negative effects of cold water are well known and well researched, but the positive effects are less so and anecdotal.

We discuss cold water shock and its effects, as well as the positive effect of cold water on mental health and inflammation.

Simon also picks up some tips on keeping his fingers and toes warm on those cold surfing days and Mike shares his claim to fame.

Cold water immersion paper - Kill Or Cure

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Mike testing Ant Middleton's reaction to cold water shock

Surfer talks about the RNLI campaign

RNLI Rescues 2020 Video

International Drowning Researchers Alliance

Keep up with Mike On Twitter: @profmiketipton

Mike's publications at Researchgate

Mike's research portal at the University Of Portsmouth

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