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Episode 65

How to Read Water – With NY Times Bestselling Author and Ted Speaker, Tristan Gooley

Tristan Gooley, also known as the natural navigator is a Ted speaker and New York Times bestselling author of a number of outstanding books about how to read the natural world.

In this episode we talk about Tristan's book, 'How to Read Water' which is a must-have for any water user of any type and is particularly useful for paddleboarders.

The book can be used to interpret water signs in any area of the world and in this episode we cover some of the subjects covered by the book and Simon attempts to explain one of his key take-aways, which is how to tell the height of waves while standing on the beach.

How to Read Water was one of the books covered in our SUPfm Book Club Episode back in Season Two and it got such a great reaction from listeners that we had to have Tristan on the show.

Tristan's book 'How To Read Water' is available from Amazon, and all good booksellers everywhere.

There's more about the book on Tristan's website

To find out more about the thalweg and cats paws check out these explainers on his website

The way I first got into Tristan's books was learning about how to work out the points of the compass from looking at a tree, there's an explainer here

Tristan's new book is The Secret World of Weather

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