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Episode 67

67. The Essential Guide to iSUPs - A Beginners Week Bonus Episode

This week is beginners week on SUPfm and ahead of Season 4 we've got new paddlers covered, with four episodes covering some of the key subjects and challenges facing new members of the tribe.

We're featuring experienced watermen and women covering these key subjects

  • How to choose your SUP
  • SUP safety
  • Learning, confidence and developing core skills
  • What you need to know about your iSUP and package

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Today's episode is all about iSUPs so if you've bought a package over the last two years or are planning to buy one, then you need to listen to this.

Sean Scott is the supremo of New Forest Paddlesports Company and a vastly experienced waterman who runs tours and a team of instructors in one of the UK's most beautiful national parks

In this episode we chat about the brands and the differences in construction which lead to a better or a worse experience when you hit the water.

We talk about common upkeep mistakes and how to get your board going and keep your board operating as it should. We also go through those additional pieces of kit in the package, including the standard paddle 'type' , leash choice and fins, which all add together to maximise your paddle experience.

We finish by talking about some of those basic safety considerations which are so important for any new paddlers to be aware of when they go out on the water for the first time.

The RNLI video we chat about, featuring a paddleboarder who was saved through keeping his mobile / cell close to him is here:

Don't forget we've got an episode with a primer on SUP Safety later in beginners week and that you can get lifetime access to the SUPfm Online SUP Safety Course for £37 over at

Thanks again to Sean and New Forest Paddlesports Company who have just been nominated again for the Industry awards for Shop of the Year at SUP Connect. Please vote for them here:

We've also featured Alex Thornhill from XT SUP who's been a supporter of the podcast from the start. Thanks Alex and here's where you find him

Thank you to the iSUP Owners Facebook group and Melinda Collings for many of the questions we answer here.

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See you on the water!

Mentioned in this episode:

The SUPfm SUP Safety Course

Designed for beginner and intermediate level leisure paddlers we deliver the right safety topics, delivered with the appropriate level of detail. The course aims to help you become more confident and self-sufficient when you’re making your personal safety decisions.


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