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Episode 53

The Unbalanced Paddleboarder – Toronto’s Mike Shoreman

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In today's podcast we chat with the legend who is Mike Shoreman, who is also known as @theunbalancedpaddleboarder and whose speech, talking about his experiences with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome went viral and continues to inspire others.

In this episode Mike tells of his crash, his rise, and the journey he went on, the obstacles he overcame and the support of the global SUP community which helped in his continued recovery.

This is the video of the speech which went viral at Speaker Slam

Mike's book Crash and Rise is available internationally in all good book sellers and on

As Mike reveals, the secret of Canadian paddle success in recent years is entirely down to butter is the recipe for our UK and European listeners and here is another for our cousins from across the pond .

Check out the threads and the collaboration Mike has with Californian Cowboy Apparel

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